Companionship Care Services

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Companionship Care Services

Our Companionship Care provides a wide range of comprehensive services which are delivered flexibly so as to meet the changing day-to-day needs that you or your loved ones may have.

Companionship Care can make all the difference to the quality of life for those whom we serve.  These services can be provided at times to suit on and off throughout the day for just a few hours, or for longer unbroken stretches of time.

Companionship Services include:

  • Aid with morning wake up, bathing and dressing

  • Assistance with clothing selection

  • Assistance with evening tuck in 

  • Assistance with walking

  • Monitoring diet and eating

  • Checking food expiry dates

  • Making and serve meals

  • Buying magazines, papers, books etc

  • Doing shopping and running errands

  • Laundry & Light housekeeping duties

  • Looking after pets

  • Providing medication reminders

  • Organising mail

  • Stimulating mental awareness

  • Playing games and cards

  • Planning visits, outings, and trips

  • Supervising home maintenance

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