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Stroke Care Services

M&S Care Services Stroke Care doesn’t have to happen in unfamiliar surroundings. In fact, we’ve helped many families get back on their feet after a stroke while staying in the comfort of their family home.

A stroke, or transient ischaemic attack (TIA), can have a life-changing impact on a person. But it doesn’t just impact the individual – it has effects on the entire family.

By providing care at home, we’re helping families across the city to receive the support they need at home. With either round-the-clock live-in care or visiting care when you need it most, our carers are experienced in assisting stroke patients at home, affected by large vessel thrombosis, embolic and haemorrhagic strokes, to name a few.

We will work closely with your family, district nurse, hospital, GP and other healthcare organisations to develop a stroke care plan that suits your needs. Your district nurse can also still attend to provide additional stroke support as needed.

We understand that asking for help can be a difficult step to take. But we’re here every step of the way – to walk you through the options for stroke care at home and finding the best care plan and support worker for you.

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